Introducing Ely Boathouse

Ely Boathouse represents a new era of collaboration between the three Cambridge University Rowing Clubs and has bought new relationships within the University community. This is a place where past meets present meets future. As world-wide support from 450 alumni and Light Blue friends flooded in, the images and words took to life as construction begun and foundations for a new future were laid. Volunteer committees worked tirelessly for nearly a decade, raising £4.9m to create this place where world class rowing programmes attract the best athletes from around the world.

Our unique building is now being used to it’s full potential by not only training world class rowers but giving the opportunity for everyone to share in it’s use for business meetings, birthday parties, celebrations, workshops and seminars. We have partnered with locally renowned caterers and we are offering staged rowing events, tours and Olympic speakers. It is a state of the art facility where architects have balanced function with aesthetics and produced a large, comfortable, well equipped building to suit the needs of all kinds of gatherings. Our first wedding reception took place in September 2018 and our board room which seats 12 people is often booked out by local businesses.

Back in 2017, the events team was formed at Ely and joined forces with the three clubs, who were aware that the boathouse had not yet opened it’s doors to the people of Ely and so the project began it’s second phase of launching into the Cambridgeshire event circuit in early 2018 to become part of the Ely community. We began with a launch party for local businesses, joined in at Ely Aquafest and offered free tours to locals. We use local suppliers in terms of catering, maintenance and housekeeping and anyone can get in touch with us to take a look around our facility via email, our website, Facebook or give us a call: 01223 967255


Press release from Ely Boathouse

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