Ely Cadets First Flying Lessons

Four of Ely Squadron’s young cadets received their first taster flying lesson this weekend in the RAF’s basic trainer aircraft The Grob Tutor at RAF Wittering. The Squadron also flies at the home of the Air Force RAF Cranwell.

The Air Cadets are a voluntary youth organisation closely affiliated to the Royal Air Force but being an Air Cadet in your spare time is like no other hobby.

New recruits can join anytime between the age of 12 up to their 17th birthday and stay in the Air Cadets until the end of thier teenage years. The minimum age to start flying with the RAF is 13 years and 3 months but there’s plenty of things to do in the meantime.

Ely Air Cadets prepare cadets to have a go at taking the controls on their first flight with lessons on the ground from qualified pilots on controlling an aircraft and the principles of flight. The cadets also visit Air Cadet Volunteer Gliding Squadrons for instruction on flight simulators.

However, nothing beats getting airborne for real and realising that the sun always shines above the clouds.

If you or someone that you know might be interested in joining the Air Cadets then simply email us at 1094@aircadets.org

Ely Air Cadets meet every Monday and Thursday night 7:25pm to 9:35pm at The Cadet Centre, Heaton Drive, Ely CB6 (behind Ely Hospital)

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Press release from 1094 City of Ely Squadron Air Cadets

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