Ely Christmas Light GIANT Switch On

City Centre Event Programme 29th November 2019.


  • 5.00am to 11.30pm – High Street, Fore Hill, Market Place, Brays lane (part) closed to traffic.
  • 4pm – Onwards BBC Radio Cambridgshire Live from Ely Market Place.   
  • 3pm to 8.30pm – Fair Rides Open.
  • 11am to 8.30pm – Food Vendors Open.
  • 5pm – Santa’s Grotto opens.
  • 4pm  – Roaming Robot around Ely.
  • 4.10pm – BBC Radio Cambridgshire Opens City of Ely Council’s Ely Christmas Light Switch On Event.
  • 4.18pm – Father Christmas and KD’s Dick Whittington Ely Panto Travels through Ely on Horse drawn Carriage.
  • 4.26pm to 7.50pm – Live acts on stage!
  • 5pm  to 8.30pm – “Isle ‘Ave A Shanty” Busking LIVE around Ely.  
  • 7pm – Ely Christmas Lights Get Turned On.


  • 3.50pm – Event Open “Christmas Overture” 
  • 4.05pm –  Father Christmas Travels through Ely to Market Place with KD Productions – Dick Whittington Ely Panto Cast. 
  • 4.10pm – BBC Radio Cambridgeshire Live. 
  • 4.26pm – Father Christmas on Stage with KD Productions – Dick Whittington Panto.
  • 4.34pm – Father Christmas Magic.
  • 4.50pm – Frozen LIVE.
  • 5.14pm – Tommy The Entertainer. 
  • 5.34pm – City of Ely Mayor.
  • 5.37pm – Octagon Dance Studio. 
  • 6.00pm – KD Productions – Ely Panto – Dick Whittington Ely Panto LIVE.
  • 6.14pm  – Lee Pashley as – Robbie Williams. 
  • 6.55pm – FINAL COUNTDOWN.
  • 7.00pm –“The GIANT Switch On” With Chico.
  • 7.03pm – BBC Radio Cam Introduces Chico.
  • 7.04pm – ‘Chico Time’ – Live on Stage.
  • 7.20pm – The Amazing – Bertie Scott.
  • 7.50pm – Stage Acts Finish BBC Radio Cambridgeshire say GOODBYE For 2019.
  • 8.30pm – Event Closes.

Press release from Ely Christmas Lights Switch On Team

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