Ely Events to become Spotted in Ely Events

Sometime a little over two years ago Andrew Cardwell created Ely Events, a group used to share what’s going on in Ely and the surrounding areas.
Since that time Andrew and his fellow volunteers have been promoting local events discovered on Facebook to the now over 2000 members. Right now there are over 300 future events listed in the group with more being added weekly – who says nothing happens in Ely?
More than two years on Andrew has started a new job which has greater time demands and he is finding it more difficult to give the group the love and attention it needs….. As a result Andrew has been working with Mark Cooney from “Spotted in Ely” on how to move the group forward and to ensure that it stays the helpful place it has become.
As a result Mark and the volunteers of Spotted in Ely have agreed to take on responsibility for the group, continue to gather and share event information to the benefit of the group members.
In addition all future events will be posted on the new Spotted in Ely website and the group, now part of a bigger set of pages and groups will be rebranded to “Spotted in Ely – Events” from Wednesday 11th June 2014.
Alison, a volunteer for Spotted in Ely will be your main contact and along with Mark will be responsible for the group.
I’m sure they will both introduce themselves shortly and continue to provide the level of service you have become accustomed to. Andrew will still post events as and when and wishes the Spotted in Ely team the best of luck.
The time you give freely to the ‘Spotted in Ely’ pages and groups is amazing and you’re just making the place even better. Keep up the good work. Remember Spotted in Ely – Events will only allow Facebook event posts in this group – it’s our one rule!.
Thanks, Andrew & Mark

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