Ely faced Wymondham at home eager to win and push for second in the table.

Ely faced opposition Wymondham at home on Saturday eager to win and push for second in the table.
The Tigers were on the scoreboard within minutes and the match continued that way for first half. Ever-present Matt McCarthy scored a brace with two individual efforts. Man of the Match Nathan Brooks also crashed over from close range when he spotted a gap in the opposition defence. Other try scorers of the half included Ricky Neale and Mitchell Kennett. The opposition scored a penalty at the end of the half when the Tigers illegally halted a rolling maul.
The second half started the same as the first, scores came left, right and centre. Luke Turner having scored twice in his previous debut match, crossed over twice again to make four tries in two matches. Jacob Muncey and Joel Scott Paul also touched down for one apiece. In the last twenty Ely began to tire and Wymondham fought hard to get a bonus point. Their efforts were in vein as they were only able to cross twice more.
Final score 57-21 to The Tigers.
Photo Credit: Steve Wells (aka The Lens) 


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