Ely Outdoor Sports Association launches Go Fund Me Campaign

The car park at Ely Outdoor Sports Association (EOSA) is desperately in need of resurfacing but will cost £45k to do so!

Our goal is to fundraise £10k using GoFundMe and other fundraising activities, and then secure government grants and Council support to complete the funding.

EOSA is a not-for-profit organisation run by volunteers, that provides sporting and social facilities for its member clubs Ely Tigers Rugby Club, Ely City Hockey Club and Ely Tennis Club as well as for the wider Ely community as a whole. A number of local adult and junior football clubs, a local school and a training provider use the facilities on a regular basis and the Clubhouse is regularly hired out for parties and events in non-COVID times.

The car park is used every day and is full most evenings and weekends when the sports clubs are training or playing matches.

Recent refurbishments to the Clubhouse and the replacement of the astro pitch have enabled EOSA to start to generate income through the hire of its facilities but even before COVID restricted the use of our facilities, it was going to take many years to raise the money needed for this large capital outlay.

It currently costs about £1,000 each year to just fill the potholes with tarmac. This year, to save money, our Directors temporarily filled the holes themselves.

This GoFundMe is the start of the fundraising campaign to raise the necessary monies for the car park.

We hope that by the generosity of members of the public and by applying for local grants, we can raise enough to resurface the car park in the next 12 months.

To donate please visit our GoFundMe page here

From Ely Outdoor Sports Association

EOSA Directors temporarily filled the holes themselves
The dreaded pot holes!!
EOSA Car Park

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