Ely Photographic Club Annual Awards

On Wednesday night the 15th of May 2019 after their AGM, Ely Photographic Club held their 2019 Awards ceremony where trophies were given to all the winners of the competitions held during the year.

One of the clubs more experienced photographers Mr Kevin Pigney was awarded many well earned trophies and everyone congratulated Kevin. There were also several other club members receiving well earned awards.

Then you had new comer to the club Mrs Helena Mueller, who the week before had entered not only her first competition with the club but indeed her first ever competition full stop, collecting her first of hopefully many more trophies.

The night proved that Ely Photographic Club is a very fair club giving all its members equal opportunity.

The club welcomes new members. For more information about the club please visit www.elyphotographicclub.co.uk

The Awards:

  • The Ely Standard Cup for the Colour Print league was presented to Kevin Pigney, with Viv Houghton coming second and Nick Bowman third.
  • The Monochrome Print league was won by Kevin Pigney with Gary Mills coming second and Viv Houghton third
  • The Bedford Cup for the PDI league was won by Kevin Pigney with Dan Starling second and Bruce Liggitt and Martin Smith in joint third
  • The Jeff Gardner Cup for the best aggregate score was won by Kevin Pigney, with Viv Houghton second and Gary Mills third
  • The Chapman Shield for best aggregate score was won by Viv Houghton
  • The Jackson shield for the best PDI panel was won by Dave Hawkins
  • The print Panel competition will be run next week
  • The Ken Hitch Trophy was won by Kevin Pigney
  • The Kippax Cup for best scoring PDI in external competitions was won by Viv Houghton for “Snowfall”
  • The Tradelink’s best scoring print in external competitions was won by Kevin Pigney for “Teds on the Case”
  • In the Members Choice competition, the best PDI was won by Helena Mueller for “Time for Reflection”; the best Colour print by Phil Lenney for “Ely Cathedral Reflections”; and the best Monochrome Print by Richard Whitmore for “Grebe Chick”

This is Mrs Helena Mueller getting presented with her first ever award for her photograph.

This is Kevin Pigney, Vice Chairman at Ely Photographic Club with the many awards he was presented with last week. 

Press release from Ely Photographic Club

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