Ely Photographic Club Print Competition

Ely Photographic Club held their 1st Print Competition of the season on Wednesday 16th October at Ely College.

We had 60 entries including several from some of our new members following the Printing and Mounting training session we held a few weeks ago.

Colour section:

1st Richard Whitmore – Arctic Hare
2nd Nick Bowman – Wet and Wild Fox
3rd Bruce Liggitt – Soaring Gannet
H/C Phil Lenney – Port of Felixstowe
H/C Viv Houghton – Candid Canine
H/C Phil Lenney – Mist on the Lake
H/C Nick Bowman – Gannet Fly Pass
H/C James Billings – Stairway to Heaven

Monochrome section:

1st Kevin Pigney – The Three Bassets
2nd Nick Bowman – Just Jane Avro Lancaster
3rd Viv Houghton – Arum Leaves
H/C Bruce Liggitt – Watching the World Go By

If you are interested in coming along to a meeting as a guest to our club please have a look at our website: www.elyphotographicclub.co.uk

From Ely Photographic Club

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