Ely Runners announce their next 10 week beginners course

Ely Runners are pleased to announce their next 10 week beginners’ course – commencing on the 18th of June 2018. The course is run by qualified coaches and supported by established club members. It is very friendly and aimed at runners of all abilities!
The aim of the programme is to gradually build on the skills, fitness and thinking required in order to complete a 5K run at the end of the course, usually at Cambridge Parkrun. There is no obligation to attend the Parkrun at the end, but in our experience, those who have, loved it!
Ely Runners meet, come rain or shine, at the Paradise Sports Centre for 7pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and 9am on Sundays. Tuesday sessions consists of hill training, speed work, repetitions and intervals. Thursday training is usually a longer steady run around the City and surrounding countryside. Sundays is often a longer run in the countryside. If you’re not sure where to start, come and train with us and see what you think.
We are always up for people coming and joining us for a couple of sessions free of charge.
The club has a healthy membership, is active and present at many races and athletic events at various levels, and has a well looked after juniors’ section.
The beginners’ course starting on the 18th June 2018 will last for ten weeks, meeting at the Paradise Centre (Ely) on Monday evenings (7pm). It costs £20 in total, with this being deducted from full club membership should participants wish to join at a later date.
For more information contact Justin at justin@elyrunners.co.uk
A few words from Lisa, a participant of our most recent course!

“I heard about the beginners’ running course via Spotted in Ely, I asked people about this sort of course and the resounding response was how fantastic Ely Runners is!
I decided to apply for the course as I have tried to run for about a year now, starting with Race for Life and I have gone from there, but I didn’t seem to be running right.
I couldn’t ever manage to run for more than five minutes without having to walk. The course seemed the right fit. 
I’m a nervous person, that first day walking up the stairs I was terrified, but I was met at the top by the friendliest and most welcoming group of people I think I’ve ever met. We were all in the same boat and feeling nervous. Charlotte explained the course overall and what to expect etc and all the other coaches helped to put our minds at ease. 
I feel I have learned to run! I’ve learned techniques for combating the ‘hard parts’ of running (hills, and how to ease up without walking on a run) and so much more. Every single coach I have meet through the course has been supportive and kind. They are all so passionate about running you can’t help but feel the same way. It was great to complete the course with people in a similar situation to me and see how we all progressed. Even as beginners we all had different levels of fitness and running ability but this was easily accommodated within the course because of the number of coaches. The sessions were hard, but how are we ever going to improve without pushing ourselves?
I drove away from the course every Monday with a smile. I had worked hard, but been supported and encouraged throughout each session, and I knew I was improving.  Completing the course has helped me to knock minutes off my 5km time, it’s taught me to run correctly and introduced me to an amazing bunch of people who I hope to run/ train with again soon as a club member.  I can’t thank the coaches enough for this course and can’t recommend it enough. Thinking about doing it? Don’t hesitate you will NOT regret it.”

A few words from Tracy, another recent course participant:
“It is very relaxed, you feel comfortable straight away with all of the coaches. I have felt supported throughout the course  and so motivated. I got to see that I can push myself a lot harder, I have learnt new techniques.
The coaches are amazing, supportive but not in your face, they get you to do your best but do not put you under pressure. I have made new friends and will hopefully be running with
them once I have signed up. I have definitely improved!!! I am now working on a 10k and I have signed up for a half marathon in September”


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