Ely Schools Receive Increased Funding

“Great news!  Our schools have received more funding.  The Prime Minister recently announced that we will be investing £14 billion in our schools.  He announced that every secondary school will receive a minimum of £5,000 per pupil. Likewise, every primary school will receive a minimum of £3,750 per pupil, rising to £4,000 per pupil from 2021-22. This means that every school in Ely will receive a significant, real terms increase in their funding. For example:

  • Ely College will receive a 3.84% increase in per pupil funding.
  • Ely St John’s Community Primary School will receive a 7.62% increase in per pupil funding.
  • Ely St Mary’s Church of England Junior School will receive a 7.98% increase in per pupil funding.
  • Isle of Ely Primary School will receive a 8.48% increase in per pupil funding.
  • The Lantern Community Primary school will receive a 7.68% increase in per pupil funding.

Since I was elected as the MP for South East Cambridgeshire, I have been fighting for our schools, which have been historically underfunded. Through work with local headteachers and parents, two years ago we received an additional £3.1 million to schools across South East Cambridgeshire, and I successfully campaigned for East Cambridgeshire to become one of 12 ‘Opportunity Areas’, giving its schools access to a £72 million fund. This means funds for mental health support and teacher recruitment.  On several occasions, I’ve also brought several headteachers from our area to meet with the Government’s Education Ministers, so that their concerns could be heard first-hand by the Ministers.

I am very pleased that real progress is now being taken to ensure that our local schools are getting the support they need. This month, the Department of Education will inform every school across England how much additional funding they will receive next year, as part of the Government’s £14 billion investment in primary and secondary education over the next three years. I am passionate that all children should have a good start in life and this multi-billion pound funding increase will ensure that our schools continue to provide our children with a good education.

Press release from Lucy Frazer QC MP

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