Ely Squadron’s Cadet Attends British Airways Pilot Flying Experience Day

Here’s a great report from one of Ely Squadron’s cadets, Jake Bausor

“Today I have had the amazing opportunity to take part in a British Airways Pilot Flying Experience Day at Booker Airfield, High Wycombe.

I applied for this one off experience back in April and including me there was a total of 1800 applications from aspiring pilots all across the United Kingdom .

The 1800 applicants were then narrowed down to just 170 students aged 16-18 years old by further application forms and a series of interviews.

The day included a flight experience of around an hour but also the opportunity to talk to current BA pilots and test ourselves on the BA aptitude tests that you need to pass before becoming a pilot.

I can honestly say that if I was not a member of the Air Cadets then I would not have been able to get so far in the long and very testing selection process.

Being an Air Cadet allowed me to talk about all of my experiences as a Cadet in the interviews and evidence all the leadership training and flying training I’ve already achieved by working through the progressive training syllabus. From talking to all the BA crews today I’ve discovered that being a Cadet is really beneficial and is seen as a great advantage in the aviation industry, it really helps you get places in life.”

Congratulations Jake, a great achievement as we are aware just how fierce the competition was for this amazing opportunity.

We are all extremely proud of you and we are convinced you will achieve your ambition to become a pilot and have the best view from the office in the world.

If you would like to find out more about the Air Cadets and follow in Jake’s footsteps then simply click on this link below and enter your postcode to find your nearest Air Cadet Squadron:

Press release from 1094 Ely Squadron Royal Air Force Air Cadets

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