2016 Ely XT Fireworks Display is 12th November

Ely XT has announced this years fireworks display on Cherry Hill as 12th November.

The annual event which raises money for local good causes will have the usual rides, food stalls and good cause displays as well as the firework display itself which costs several thousands to put on and played to loud theatrical music.
Locals often ask why the event is not on the actual Bonfire Night, this is because the display team who put on the event for Ely XT do it at a reduced rate to help increase the amount of money raised as well as keep the cost down for Ely to come and enjoy.
We will have more information on the night as Ely XT release information but you can visit the event section to find out more information nearer the time.
Event Link: https://www.spottedinely.com/event/ely-xt-firework-spectacular/

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