Ely’s Barton Road toilets to remain open

East Cambridgeshire District Council (ECDC) is pleased to announce that positive steps have been taken in light of public feedback to retain the public conveniences at Barton Road, Ely. At the Commercial Services committee meeting on 15th March 2016, councillors voted to keep the Barton Road toilets open.
The matter will now be referred back to the Asset Development Committee for approval on Wednesday 23rd March. Keeping the toilets open is subject to a contribution from the City of Ely Council of £8,000, which councillors have agreed, demonstrating the excellent partnership and collaboration between the two bodies in the interests of the public.
Cllr Richard Hobbs, Chairman of the Commercial Services Committee, stated: “We have listened to the public and the Local Access Group and are pleased to be able to keep the Barton Road facilities open, with help from the City of Ely Council. We are a listening council, working in partnership for the good of our community. We appreciate that conveniences such as this are incredibly important to the local community and we will continue to work hard to meet those requirements wherever possible.”
The proposal to keep the Barton Road facilities open will benefit residents of and visitors to Ely, in addition to the existing three conveniences in the city. The Barton Road site is also particularly useful for those using the popular coach drop-off and pick-up area and car park. ECDC is keenly aware of the need to provide fully accessible facilities for the Ely community and is therefore pleased with the decision for the Barton Road facilities to remain open, in partnership with the City of Ely Council.
It was also decided that Fordham’s public convenience retention will be referred to the Asset Development Committee, and its management transferred to Fordham Parish Council.
The final decision will be announced following the Asset Development Meeting on 23rd March.

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