Ely's first vegan cafe a big hit

Ely's first vegan cafe a big hit

The queue stretched out of the door during the launch of Ely’s first dedicated vegan and gluten free cafe.

Lucy at 35 celebrated its grand opening at midday today – and within minutes the cafe was full of foodies curious to try out its colourful cuisine.

Any stereotypes of vegan food being bland or boring were quickly shattered, with dishes ranging from three bean chilli to chickpea, squash and sweet potato curry.
Not to mention the tantalising cookies, brownies and cakes – a work of wizardry, containing neither eggs, butter nor flour.

Minutes before the launch, Spotted in Ely caught up with chef Lucy Andrew, of Little Downham, and Ely businesswoman Caroline Bailey, the forces behind Lucy at 35.

Caroline said: “We are very excited and we are very proud to be bringing a dedicated vegan and gluten free cafe to Ely.
“I’ve known Ely for 40 years. Absolutely there’s been a change. Ely’s a really special city and I think it will really embrace a healthy eating lifestyle.”
Lucy, who’d been prepping dishes into the early hours, admitted having last minute jitters about the grand opening.
“Nerves are good – it shows you care a lot.”

Lucy – who herself has followed a gluten free diet for almost a decade – needn’t have worried.
The healthy, unusual dishes she’d dreamt up were an instant hit on a busy Saturday.
The old stereotype of vegans living on tofu and lentils has gone – and “if it hasn’t, it definitely will be kicked into touch”, Caroline said.
“Vegan food has a beautiful range. It’s delicious and healthy – a rainbow of colours.”
Lucy at 35 opened today at Spa Ely, 35 Forehill. For more information click here.

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