Ely’s Labour-tech gets a new coat and tails.

Inside the new look Labour-tech
Inside the new look Labour-tech

Established in 2001, Labour-tech recruitment have been at the centre of Ely’s employment industry for over 14 years. Back then they were a small team of individuals with a goal: they wanted to help the unemployed in the region get into work, help local organisations find the best available candidates to fill their vacancies, and, in doing so, become the region’s leading recruitment agent.
“We also wanted to dispel the allusion that all recruitment agencies are merely glorified estate agents dealing in people rather than property” explained Keith Wilson, Labour-tech’s Managing Director. The long-time Ely resident has always been of the opinion that high employment in any region leads to a better quality of life for all residents, and so, rather than aim for the highest turn-over of candidates, Labour-tech would aim for the highest quality of candidates for any given job, and then work hard to pair candidates with organisations in which they would fit as individuals rather than merely as a skillset. It’s a synergy, if you will.
Fourteen years on and Labour-tech now cater for a vast portfolio of highly valued and highly satisfied clients, finding the best candidates for their vacancies whilst providing a close, supportive environment for those candidates to really excel in their chosen profession.
During the last couple of years Labour-tech have been enjoying a period of expansion, on both an industry level and as a local brand. They have recently moved premises to a larger office on Market Street – a position which basks in the architectural grandness of the cathedral – and in doing so breathed new life into an empty building on one of Ely’s busiest thoroughfares.
The office move has been followed by a complete redesign and rebranding of the business. If you’ve wandered past 57-59 Market Street recently you will have noticed the changes taking place. Between graphics design, carpentry, high quality window graphics, and a great deal of in-house development, Labour-tech have emerged from their metaphoric chrysalis with bright new wings and a definite inclination to reach for the sky. The new frontage is bright, snappy and clearly states what Labour-tech is all about.
The changes aren’t just skin-deep either. Inside there are now stations for candidates to register, upload their CV, search for vacancies and apply for jobs online as soon as they walk through the door. There is no reception to go through; the front desk is made-up of Labour-tech’s very own team of highly trained Recruitment Agents who are ready to help in any way they can. These improvements, along with their renewed appetite for social media and a greater online presence have made Labour-tech one of Ely’s most recognisable brands, and a real force for reducing unemployment in the region, bearing the burden of recruitment for other local businesses and helping those with or without jobs realise their full potential.
If you’ve not seen the new Labour-tech, head down to 57-59 Market Street, Ely and take a look for yourselves.

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