Ely’s most famous cat takes his popular children’s adventure stories into an audio book

Following on from the great response to What’s That Doing There, last year, Garfield The Sainsbury’s Cat, is now to be featured in an audio version of his book, due for release on 2nd July, the anniversary of his tragic death. A proportion of the profits for the audio-book will be donated to the East Anglian Air Ambulance.

The story follows the adventures of Garfy (Garfield), an elegant ginger tom with a white bib and socks. He lives in a flat in Ely. Opposite his home is a large meadow in which Garfy loves to roam. Then, one day, someone puts up fences and builds a Paterson’s Superstore on Garfy’s meadow.

Having initially tried to sabotage the building works, Garfy decides to adopt the supermarket as his home-from-home. He makes a guest appearance at the grand opening of the store and is their first customer. He rapidly becomes a celebrity cat despite the resistance of the store manager. 

This audio version of the first Garfy book and is based on the real Garfield, who is often referred to as ‘Ely’s most famous cat’ and has a Facebook following of over 7000 from all around the world. When he was tragically killed after being hit by a car in his beloved Sainsbury’s car park, the whole of Ely went into mourning and a special tribute was paid to him in Ely Cathedral, at the annual pet service. 

David Willers is the owner of Garfy and he says, “Garfield’s book has been so popular, so when it was suggested that we should also do an audio-book it seemed like a perfect next step.” 

The book is narrated by voice artist Katherine Jane Wills who was one of many voice artists who submitted samples before being chosen as the voice of the Garfy books. “It has been a real pleasure to record this book,” says Katherine. “They are such great stories and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting to know about Garfy and his adventures.”

‘What’s That Doing There’, published by Book Guild, was written by David Willers in conjunction with Cate Caruth who is a writer from Bury St Edmunds. Cate writes bespoke children’s books for charity and also runs her own content solutions business.

The second Garfy Book, Vote for Garfy is due out in early 2021.

Press release from Mr Sainsbury’s aka Garfield

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