Fair parking, not Fare dodging!!

Parking and Dog fouling are the two biggest issues that get communities hot under the collar, and I do not mean Dog collar!!! With this in mind I believe a fair balance is actually delivered by the Police Community team in Ely.
The motorist in Ely is lucky in as much as we do have free parking in Broad Street, St Marys, Barton road, Paradise centre, but there is a limited time allowed. The motorist gets a fair deal you could say. Parking will always cause emotions to run high, no matter where you may live. There are just too many of us with cars all looking for a parking space. My message to all motorists of this beautiful city is make the most of the free parking, but if you should park around the town centre, KNOW YOUR TIME PLATES!!
The humble Time plate is your friend! They are there to inform and help. The Time plate will tell you how long you are allowed to park, and what days of the week are free, and what days are not. They will save you from getting a ticket. Look for them read them, keep an eye on the clock. We all know what Yellow Lines mean! £30.00 less to spend in the shops!
One last word about parking. Bays allocated to Taxis means just that, Taxis only. You can be issued with a ticket for parking in these as well. There will be a plate stating this, and the Taxi written on the road parallel to the bay.
So come along motorists of Ely, play Fair, and don’t dodge the Fare.
PCSO Jonathon Hall

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