Feeling humbled

Feeling humbled

Liam fairhurstDoing the work I do from time to time I find myself meeting some extraordinary people and Tuesday was one of those occasion when I had the privilege to meet Callum Fairhurst who has been through and seen more than any person should from someone who is 3 times his age. He is just 18! This guy made me stop and think for the rest of the day.
Callum’s brother, Liam died in 2009 from cancer after 4 years of battling and never giving. When he was told he was terminal, Liam wouldn’t believe the doctors, sought second opinions and fought through and lived longer than anyone expected. What makes Liam’s determination even more impressive was what he did during those years of illness.
He spearheaded a campaign which raised over £3 million. He went on national TV and got millionaires to part with over £50,000 for a static caravan so those families with children suffering from cancer could have short breaks away, but the idea wasn’t just to keep those suffering happy but also the siblings. He met the prime minister Gordon Brown, had photos with famous people and really brought the determination he had to the public spotlight. Callum himself is now getting the same attention, speaking to MP’s at Downing Street, the support of Richard Branson and so many more.

Live with Callum Fairhurst at BabylonARTS talking about The Liam Fairhurst Foundation and Challenge 360.
Posted by Spotted in Ely on Tuesday, 19 April 2016

After Liam’s passing Callum, 2 years younger than his brother, was inspired and set up the Liam Fairhurst Foundation with the goal of helping anyone with cancer fight and support the families, especially the siblings who could so easily be forgotten about as parents and patients head off to continuous hospital appointments.
Callum has just returned from one adventure raising thousands of pounds by travelling around the world alone on his bicycle. His home literally strapped to the 7kg frame and touring through Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Europe and North America. In total he covered 17,000 miles and helped other charities along the way as he didn’t want to do this adventure for just one organisation but felt it prudent to do for several.
Let me just say again, Callum is just 18!! While talking to him live over Facebook, you could see and feel his energy about what doing all of these things means to him and how he know Liam is watching over him in his ventures.
Despite being home just a week, Callum is already exploring the next big adventure, which is a secret at present. But whatever he does, I got the sense that Callum will be one the most successful and influential person in any field or endeavour he tackles.
You can find out more about The Liam Fairhurst Foundation at www.liamfairhurstfoundation.com. You can give any amount towards Challenge 360 at www.justgiving.com/worldcycle and furthermore, see Callum on his adventures at www.challenge360.org/.

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