First Class Cadets in Ely

We think all Air Cadets are first class but, on Monday night at Ely Squadron eight junior cadets proved us right.

Cadets Carter, Sikora, Talbott, Sigrist, Bennett, Smyth A, Smyth P and Foulkes completed their basic training and were all presented with their first class cadet badges.

The presentation of their first classification badge by the Squadron Officer in Charge Flying Officer J Donoghue was just in time for the cadets to sew them on their uniforms for this weekend’s ATC Sunday church parade for Eastern Sector Squadrons at Linton.

Congratulations to the newly qualified cadets and to their instructing NCO’s who have guided them through their training in Tutor Flight.

Now they have graduated as fully fledged Air Cadets the next step will be them joining one of the Squadron’s two other flights but will it be Lightning Flight or Typhoon Flight ? Decisions….Decisions ? 

To the fore 1094

1094 (Ely) Squadron Royal Air Force Air Cadets are recruiting and will shortly be holding an open recruiting night for both cadets and adult volunteers.

Please click on the link below to find out more:

Press release from 1094 Ely Squadron Royal Air force Air Cadets

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