5 Cars written off in 24 hours and now the Police are watching

Over the coming week you can expect to see speed enforcement activity in the areas we have specified recently following road traffic collisions in the last 24 hours.
This activity is designed to positively reinforce the need to slow down  – but in fairness it’s not because we simply want to issue tickets to drivers.
The enforcement activity will be conducted by overt high visibility units at unspecified hours. We will report back on the results on this site of course, but please be mindful, we just want people to be safe on the road.
Following a tactical tasking meeting today Inspector Marcia Pringle (nee Nichols) has said:
“With five vehicles written off in the space of twenty-four hours we do need to respond with positive reinforcement of the speed restrictions.
We don’t attribute everything that has happened to merely the speed of the vehicles, but it is clear that reducing speed does reduce the risk of accidents and the severity of injuries that result from vehicle collisions. We want to support and protect the community”
Road safety continues to represent a priority for this district and we want to work together with all agencies to help prevent deaths on the road.

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