Food! by Lizzi goes fully vegan

A popular stall holder at Ely Farmers Market, locally famous for her vegetarian Scotch eggs, has just moved over to selling completely vegan homemade goodies on her stall.
Elizabeth ‘Lizzi’ Flaherty, the creative force behind Food! by Lizzi, announced last week that she would be selling her last batch of veggie Scotch eggs that weekend.
13879372_612779932221862_8930173515639482611_nPosting on her Facebook page on August 26, Lizzi said: “As some of you may know or have noticed all of the new products and flavours recently have been not just vegetarian but also suitable for vegans. There is method in my madness!!
“I moved from veggie to vegan last August partly for health reasons but mostly as I felt, a natural progression from going meat and fish free.
“Increasingly I have been uncomfortable with the amount of eggs used within the business, it can be as many as 200 in a weekend sometimes. Although I make sure to only source free range eggs and local when possible it just doesn’t sit right with me.”
14046104_623241507842371_3747287268256418738_nIn January, she decided that over the course of the year she would start swapping out vegetarian flavours and products for vegan versions with the aim of being fully vegan by January 2017 to tie in with “Veganuary”.
Lizzi, who lives in Bury St Edmunds but takes her stall throughout the region, recently took part in the Colchester Vegan Fair.
“After the roaring success of the spectacular Colchester Vegan Fair, seeing so many vegans – customers and other traders- excitedly all squeezed into one place to eat, drink and definitely be merry I just cannot bring myself to buy, boil or peel one more egg!
14117878_624629321036923_4048760396774586701_n“So my dears, by the end of this weekend and five months ahead of schedule, Food! By Lizzi is going entirely vegan!!!
“The vegetarian Scotch Eggs containing a hard boiled egg are no more. They will not be returning. While the vegan Scotch Eggless is growing both in flavour numbers and popularity!
“The last remaining veggie roll, The original flavour, Double Gloucester and Red Onion is getting one last hurrah,” she wrote last week.
The popular vegetarian products would be replaced by vegan versions after some extensive testing and tasting, she said.
“I do hope you are as excited as I am by this new chapter in Food! By Lizzi and look forward to seeing you all very soon!”
13891927_616704528496069_2595485377524797503_nSupported by The Prince’s Trust, Lizzi first set up her business in 2013 after feeling frustrated by the lack of vegetarian options while out and about.
“I was hungry and I am grumpy when I’m hungry!”
In the short time Food! By Lizzi has been running, its owner and creator has received three prestigious business awards. In 2014 Lizzi was asked to become a Young Ambassador for The Prince’s Trust.

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