Gallery of Queens Celebrations on the Market Place

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was 90 yesterday and Ely celebrated it in its own unique way.
Over 200 people attended the Market Place along with Ely’s Mayor, Cllr Lis Every and other dignitaries from the area.
The Cathedral got involved by turning the Octogon tower from its usually evening white colour to that of Red, White & Blue and will be doing so until after it’s Evensong for the Queen on Sunday evening.
Local Girlguides atteneded along with many families to hear the Ely Military Band play classics such as Rule Britania and Land of Hope & Glory and many more to which the standing audience enjoyed.
Her Majesty spent the day at Windsor with family and celebrated the day with a walk to celebrate the 63 nations of the commonwealth followed by the lighting of the beacons.


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