Get Closer Throughout September

saynoThroughout September the force’s Get Closer campaign will focus on encouraging victims who have experienced sexual assault or rape, to come forward and report it.
The initiative aims to raise awareness that women, men, teenagers and children can all be victims and assaults can be committed by strangers, family members or friends. The key message to offenders is “if they say no, they mean no”.
Sexual assaults often go unreported because people are scared to talk to someone, feel as if they won’t be listened to, or just don’t know who to contact.
The force will be working with the Oasis @ Rivergate, Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) and a number of partner agencies including Rape Crisis, Victim Support and the Samaritans, in order to provide counselling, medical examinations and treatment for victims.
The force website has a dedicated section which gives information on what happens when you report a sexual assault, what you need to know, Frequently Asked Questions and help and support for victims. More information can be found by clicking on the link below;
The initiative will target schools, colleges, universities, online dating websites, pubs, clubs and local events, to encourage people to report sexual assault and rape.

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