Get Recognised

blog-posting-tipsAt Spotted in Ely we know how difficult it is to get your organisation recognised but now we have created a platform that can do just that.
OK, so you have to do some work and not leave it to the SiE team to do, but we are here to help you all the way.
Blog posts are very simple to do and we can hold your hand, so to speak, through your first venture but first you must register as an author on our site. Go to if you already haven’t done so and complete the form. Remember to drag the capture to show you are human.
Once you have done that, email, tell us your username you have chosen and what organisation you represent and await our reply.
The reply will have the details you need to get started. The more you blog, the more you will get recognised.
Before registering, we do have a few simple rules:
1) Any organisation, whether business, non-for-profit, group or individual can blog as long as relevant to Ely, Cambridgeshire.
2) You must stay on topic and inline with your organisation.
3) You CANNOT use it as an advertising platform, you must use it to pass informative and relative data to the followers of Spotted in Ely.
4) No post will go live until validated by the SiE team and we reserve the right to remove posts and even users from the site.
Over time, the best posts will be featured and the best of the best posts published into print – so you have a real opportunity to get recognised!!

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