Get Some Tennis Coaching before Christmas

Ely Tennis Club has some new courses available to anyone wanting to learn to play, get fit or simply improve their game for members and non members.

New Tennis courses at Ely Tennis Club with Fiona from 10is Academy.

Cardio Tennis

If you can chat, you’re not working hard enough! Get fit for tennis, or just about anything else, with this fast-moving and invigorating session.Cardio Tennis consists of tennis-themed aerobic exercise to music, with an enthusiastic coach to keep you going for a whole hour.

There will be drills and lots of different games to play that will help improve your stamina, and tennis skills such as running, sprinting, side shuffles and tennis strokes. Or your coach’s description “As many ways I can think of to torture people with tennis rackets in their hands, while they listen to music!”

How long: 6-week course, 1 hour per week
When: Starting Monday 4th November 7-8 pm
Cost: £35.70 (members) £60 (non-members)

Express Tennis for Beginners

Have you ever wanted to learn how to play tennis, but never quite got around to it? Then this course is for you….Over a period of 6 weeks you will cover the basics required to get you ready to start playing tennis:

  • Forehand strokes
  • Backhand strokes
  • How to serve
  • How to volley
  • Then put it all together to start playing matches.

This course will give you enough to get a feel for the sport, and combined with the specially dedicated beginners practice sessions, will give you and your fellow course members the confidence and experience to join in with the club’s other social sessions in no time!

How long: 6-week course, 1 hour per week
When: Starting Monday 4th November 8-9pm
Cost: £35.70 (members)
£60 (non-members)

Revamp Your Tennis/Rusty Rackets:

This course is great if you’ve:

  • Played tennis before but are out of practice
  • Learnt the basics and want to reinforce your skills
  • Got bad habits and need to tweak your techniques
  • A weak area you’d like to improve

We will cover the “3 Rs” for tennis – Reset, Refine, and Restore. Over the 6 weeks you will be reminded of the basics such as serving, ground strokes, volleys, and receive pointers on how to tweak your strokes to improve your technique and game playing skills.

How long: 6-week course, 1 hour per week
When: Starting Wednesday 6th November 7-8 pm
Cost: £35.70 (members)
£60 (non-members)

Basic Doubles Tactics:

New to doubles?
Or just looking to improve your performance on the doubles court. The course is designed to help you achieve your full potential, whatever your level. The goal is to give you the confidence to enjoy club sessions knowing you are the best doubles partner you can be.
Look at the professional doubles specialists and you will see they utilise patterns of play so that each half of the pairing knows who is doing what, when and why. It is that skill set this course is looking to embed, using the same drills the pros do, and shamelessly cherry picking the best hints and tips from the very best in the world.

How long: 6-week course, 1 hour per week
When: Starting Wednesday 6th November 8-9 pm
Cost: £35.70 (members)
£60 (non-members)

Have fun!

From Ely Tennis Club

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