Headteacher Plans School Fundraising Skydive

A local Headteacher is resorting to a fundraising skydive because there isn’t enough government funding for much needed improvements to the school building and grounds.

Bridget Harrison will be raising money for The Rackham C of E Primary School in Witchford in July by falling through the air at 125mph from 15,000ft, the highest skydive available in the UK.

She is hoping to raise at least £1000 to pay for improvements including; classroom decoration, new carpets, replacing outdated and unreliable screens and enhancing the playground and field.

Mrs Harrison commented: “We love and look after our school as best we can but over the years the building has suffered a lot of wear and tear and we simply cannot afford the TLC it deserves. I’ve therefore decided to join our Friends of Witchford Rackham parents who tirelessly fundraise for our school by jumping out of a plane and freefalling for 60 seconds! I am incredibly nervous about this but it’s for the children’s benefit and will promote to them our school values of risk taking and determination.”

Parents’ donations mean Mrs Harrison has already raised half of her £1000 fundraising target. She is promising to share video evidence of her skydive, which will take place on Saturday 4th July above the North London Skydiving Centre near Chatteris, Cambridgeshire.

Vicki Speed, Committee member of the Friends of Witchford Rackham fundraising group said: “Our fabulous, if slightly crazy Headteacher is never one to take the easy option and has lovely reasons for wanting to raise this money for our primary school. We are urging parents as well as people in the local area and beyond to get behind her and donate because the money raised will benefit Rackham Primary School pupils for many years to come.”

Among the other school improvements on the wish list from staff and pupils are the creation of a base for an after school club to enable full wrap-around care, the extension of the Forest School area and replacing the main window in the school hall.

People who would like to donate to Mrs Harrison’s fundraising effort should visit her JustGiving page at www.justgiving.com/fundraising/rackhamheadteacherskydive

For more information about Rackham C of E Primary School, please visit: www.rackhamprimaryschool.com

Press release from Rackham C of E Primary School

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