Help Keep Spotted in Ely Alive

Spotted in Ely each month takes 200-300 hours of work to keep updated with new fresh content, visits, event calendar control, subscriptions to web apps and various other costs.

We need your help to keep the service going with us working on it full-time. Yes, we could ease off but then content like the event calendar would go and we would have to limit the requests for postings as we would only work on it an hour a day. We have had volunteers but sadly many of their own agendas and have caused friction so we have kept the circle small.

We do earn a little revenue from a few adverts and with the job section but it doesn’t cover half of the costs of running Spotted in Ely. In fact, we estimate it costs us over £3,800 per month run (including any wages lost, which we don’t get).

Last year we initiated something called Patreon, a website dedicated to helping creators of content get some revenue to help them continue to create more and more content. An oh we want to create a whole load content.

Sadly, one or 2 people got upset that we were asking for a small contribution from anyone willing to offer it. If 10% of our followers gave just £2 per month, we would be good to go on making more and more content and possibly be in a position to employ another person.

The SiE project is at a critical point in its life. Nearly 6 years in and we only had one month where we made a little more than we spent and so we gave that away to Ely City FC for a trophy. If we made a profit every month, then lots of groups would benefit because we have never wanted to make a profit from the project.

If you are willing to spare a small amount each month or just a one-off thank to us then please go to We will also add a link to each post for Patreon should you decide now isn’t the right and you lose this link in the future.

Thank in Advance.

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