Help us shape Spotted in Ely

Awesome work guys, as we run up to 10,000 likes on Facebook and are now well and truly established in Ely and the surrounding towns and villages, it’s time to consider the next step for Spotted in Ely.
We are to become a “Voluntary Organisation”!
We did consider whether to become a Community Interest Business but this involves so much paperwork and red tape (and we hate red tape). To become a voluntary organisation we need policies and a committee in place, so from today we are taking requests from anyone who would want to commit one hour per month to attend a committee and help shape, advise and assist in the future of the project.
I will be putting together a brief on what is expected and required from a committee member but we are welcoming members from not just in Ely but the surrounding area also and would like to see people from a professional body background to also join.
For more information please contact

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