Hit at Haddenham and Shooting Peas on Target

The Haddenham Beer Festival Committee is thrilled to announce that the amount of money raised for local charities and good causes is approximately £6,000!
We agree very early on that the village stalls should be raisin

Haddenham Group Pea Shooters
Left to Right: World Champ Pea Shooters Rob Bresler, Toby Bush, Eric Bresler and Alistair Berry

g money for themselves and they raised around £2,000 – which is staggering – additionally the event raised £4,000 through ticket, food and beer sales. All in all an amazing amount of money in 3 days!
As there were so many unknowns this year as it was the first event of its type, there was not a single nominated charity; therefore the committee has decided to split the cash between many village charities and good causes, who will be being contacted over the next couple of weeks. Once we have finalised this list we will publish it, if they are happy for us to do so.

Well done everyone involved in this great event and an awesome amount of money!
Now to a little bit of PR (or is that Pea R?)
Whilst we were still on a high, some of us went over to the World Pea Shooting Championship, a charitable event raising money for Witcham’s village hall, and we entered a Haddenham Beer Festival team of (from l-r) Rob Bresler (committee member and former 3 times World Champ), Toby Bush (committee chair), Eric Bresler (winner of the t-shirt competition) and Alistair Berry (our super-sub as Aimi was busy in the ladies comp, see below) – and we won! The Haddenham Beer Festival Team are now world champions pea shootists…
But it doesn’t end there: Jim Collins (committee treasurer) is now World Champion and Aimi Bresler (committee vice-chair) was runner up in the ladies competition! Marcus Bresler (Aimi and Rob’s son) is junior world champ and the junior team competition was won by Marcus & Maddie Bresler (AImi & Rob’s children) and Charlotte and Martha Collins (Jim’s children)
A super end to the week!
Press Release from Haddenham Beer Festival Committee
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