How Adventure Begins with The Little Downham Plough Jumpers

It started when someone glanced at a notice board in the Plough pub on a cold and wet Sunday afternoon and declared, “I can do that”, followed by further cries of “what a great idea” and “count me in” being heard from around the bar.

What they are agreeing to do, is to jump out of a plane, strapped to someone they have never met before at 10,000ft. The aim – to raise as much money as they can for Magpas Air Ambulance. You know they are either mad or have had far too much to drink. (Or both)

A discussion continues, a determination sets in. A pact is made and it seems there is no going back. Our “ Band Of Jumpers” are ready to fly.

And so the adventure begins.

The heroes (all adventures need heroes) of this adventure are the Plough Jumpers, with their trusty ground crew supporting them along the way. So who are the mad people who have volunteered to do this:

  • Jason Cridford ( Gentleman Jumper)
  • Andy Sears ( Artic Jumper)
  • Debbie Pellant ( Crafty Jumper)
  • Geoff Goff (Terminator Jumper)
  • Steve McGowen ( Del Boy Jumper)
  • Neil Mortlock (Ginger Jumper)
  • Jim Parkes ( Red Jumper)

Now known as “The Little Downham Plough Jumpers” aka The Magnificent Seven. They may pick up some other names along the way!

This band of local celebrities needs to raise a Jump Chest ready for the 6th July and they have been putting there collective minds together to come up with ideas to provide family fun and activities to support the local communities and also to provide the Jump Chest with more doubloons. This will range from Charity Car washes – Car Boot Selling – Car Treasure Hunt – Golf Day – BBQ and Band at the Plough plus more. For more details, have a look at:- (Watch out for Motivational Monday Songs and even make a suggestion) Or watch for the local posters/social media as events come up.

The support from local business to date has been fantastic and warming, this is a great team working, for a great cause —come on the adventure with them. Contact us on 07443 430195 or email –

Your support saves lives 24/7 Registered charity no. 1119279 –

From The Little Downham Plough Jumpers

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