Injured rider thanks rescue crews, urging fellow riders to support the air ambulance

Injured rider thanks rescue crews, urging fellow riders to support the air ambulance

A horse rider who suffered a fracture after falling off her horse near Witchford has written a heartfelt message to the medics who treated her at the scene.
Clare Andrews publicly thanked the East Anglian Air Ambulance on their Facebook page on August 23, a fortnight after the accident.
Her friend raised the alarm after Clare’s horse Galaxy reared up, throwing her onto the ground.
Clare, who had fractured her first lumber vertebrae, wrote: “I immediately knew I was seriously injured and my friend called 999.
“I was ‘off the beaten track’ not far from where I keep my horse Galaxy just outside Witchford.
“As it turned out, the ambulance service managed to get a standard ambulance up the grass track to the field where I had fallen off but the air ambulance also attended and I was checked over by the on board doctor.”

The accident happened in an isolated location outside Witchford. Picture: Clare Andrews

Had the weather been wetter, this would not have been possible and the air ambulance would have been the only way of safely evacuating her from the field, Clare said.
“Although I was disappointed not to get a ride in the helicopter (and that I didn’t get to meet Prince William!) I was glad you were able to get away to your next job leaving me in the capable hands of the standard ambulance service.”
After being transported by land ambulance to Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Clare had surgery for her fracture, returning home two days later.
She ended her post with some personal advice to her fellow riders: “I’d encourage all horse riders to support the air ambulance service as you never know when you will need them. Heartfelt thanks to you all. Clare x.”
East Anglian Air Ambulance said: “We’re always very glad to hear when people we meet are on the road to recovery.”

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