Introducing Fenland Animal Rescue

Fenland Animal Rescue is a Non-Profit organisation designed to provide specialist rescue services to Organisations and Rescue services in the Fenland Area.
F.A.R provides services to both wild and domestic animals that are either Trapped, Injured or Feral/Stray. Using specialist equipment we are able to rescues animals trapped at heights, below ground, on water and in dangerous or hazardous situations. We work tirelessly to ensure any animal that needs our help receives the best possible chance to go on and receive the treatment and rehabilitation it may need.
No animal deserves to suffer and we believe that together we can make a difference to save those who need us the most. Our work is funded entirely by public donations and your support allows us to save lives. All donations go towards the Rescue, Care & Support of each animal that comes into our care and enables them to begin a second chance at life free of pain and suffering.
Please Like, Share and Donate on our page and help us to help them!
Thank You.
100% Volunteer, 100% Professional, 0% Pay

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