Isle of Ely Produce Aim to Raise Money for the NHS!

Farmers and Chip Shops Come Together for Huge Charity Push

Potato wholesaler Isle of Ely Produce who supply chipping potatoes to fish and chip shops across the UK from Ely, Cambridgeshire are today launching a scheme to help the NHS by raising up to £20,000 for our national heroes from its farming partners. In a recent survey (of what is best about the UK) 2,000 Brits placed the NHS at the top of the list, and Fish and Chips at Number 2 so they think it makes sense for them to try to help at this time of need.

They have teamed up with many of their Field to Frier Cambridgeshire partner farmers including AL Lee Farming Company , P J Lee & Sons, J Gilbert & Sons, Legge Farms, HG Bliss Farms Ltd and N Balcomb & Son (Kent) so that they can together give something back to the NHS & its charities.

It is something that Isle of Ely director Oliver Boutwood has been thinking about for a couple of weeks, and now he is happy it is happening.  He said “During this crisis we have seen chip shops giving discounted meals to the NHS across the country, and we wanted to help and show the NHS that our farmers are right behind them too. Our Field to Frier network has seen us open our farms to chip shops, create a national fish and chip award, and now we have joined together to help raise funds for NHS charities.”

“This initiative is open to all fish and chips shops and their wholesalers, who can all do their bit in helping to raise up to £20,000. Our farmers have committed a donation from every bag sold for this fund.”

Isle of Ely Produce provides over 2m bags of chipping potatoes to fish and chip shops across the UK via local wholesalers from ‘Field to Frier’ recommended farms every year. They can arrange continuous delivery of potatoes across the whole of the UK to all chip shops.

They are still recommending however fish and chip shops only open if they can follow the letter of the law and government guidelines.

This scheme will also be open to shops who open at a later date too (when conditions allow). It is also open to shops both big and small who can together through their wholesaler can all help to make a difference. The scheme closes on Friday 19th June.

Press release from Chippy Chat

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