Kent Blaxill apologises to Ely – Breath of fresh air

Last week saw yet another bridge strike on the infamous railway crossing in Ely.

The company whose vehicle hit the bridge took to social media, especially commenting on Spotted in Ely to apologise for the inconvenience their driver caused.
Their Facebook editor sent, “Hello Spotted in Ely, We’d like to apologise to the residents of Ely and surrounding areas for the inconvenience caused by one of our vans striking the bridge earlier today. We’re investigating this internally to ensure that none of our vans will cause this sort of mayhem again!”
Many locals had their comments back to them including Dave Marrs who said, “Highly unusual for a company to acknowledge and apologise for the problems this causes when it happens but it’s certainly refreshing and welcome that they have.”
But Kent Blaxhill certainly showed they have sense of humour when Neil said, “It would appear he/she is having an internal investigation, seems a bit harsh, thought that went out with the inquisition, but great to see you hold your hands up” to which they replied, “Fear not! We assure you that we’ve put the thumbscrews and torture rack into deep storage! The investigation will be aimed at understanding what additional training will be needed for all of our drivers to prevent this from happening again.”
We spoke to Kurt Goldsmith from the ECommerce department who told us, “The driver of the van was an agency driver assigned that morning to drive the route between our Bury St Edmunds and Huntingdon branches. From now on we will ensure a more rigorous briefing regarding the vehicle size and any hazards like this on their routes to all of our drivers prior to driving a route they are unfamiliar with.
“We’ve also taken additional steps to ensure that we never strike the bridge in Ely on the BSE to Huntingdon route with a new & unique van design!”
Kent Blaxill new design
“Again, We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this incident and we’d like to thank the residents of Ely and surrounding areas for their understanding and hospitality.”
Kent Blaxill is one of the longest running companies in East Anglia, established in 1838 by John Kent and Edwin Blaxhill and have been supplying oil, colour & glass throughout the region and regularly pass through Ely while delivering between one of their many stores. The company is now run by Simon Blaxill and still family run. Their reputation for caring for all communities remains of paramount importance and this is why they wanted to hold their hands up immediately.
Kent Blaxhill - Huntingdon Team
If you want to know more about Kent Blaxill you can find out by visiting their website:

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