Kids should be made to clean this up and more

Greys2Greys1This is state of the Greys of Ely coach after just a 10 minute school run yesterday.
While Greys were happy to talk to us about the incident they did want to name the school as most of the children there are brilliant on other journeys.
Chairs have been destroyed and litter strewn all over the coach but the driver also reported that children as young as 10 were using profanity that shocked him.
“What parent would think that this behaviour on a 10 minutes school journey is acceptable? This is the condition of our vehicle after a school run from one of the local schools.” said Richard Grey on his Facebook profile. “There is the cost to the vehicle itself but also the cost of loss of use whilst being repaired and both other staff and my time to sort this out!”
“Yes we will report this to the school, Cambridge County Council and Police on the basis of criminal damage for the seats.”
In response to seeing these photos Belinda said “The kids should be made to clean this coach then come to the depot and clean more of the coaches.”. A sentiment echoed by several others.
On many mainstream routes in large cities like London, Manchester and Birmingham the Police are now required to be on certain bus routes where problems have occurred. Lets hope Ely is not to become on of those cities.

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