The King's Barbers. A new experience in mens grooming

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Sorry for the ugly mug before and after

Yesterday Spotted in Ely went undercover to see what our new sponsor, The Kings Barber has to offer on Market Street.
Within moments of walking in, we were greeted and offered a tea or coffee as well as being asked if we wanted our coats hanging.
There was no queue on a Tuesday afternoon and I was seated in the chair straight away. Asked what I wanted and I instructed on haircut and shave.
Alex was my barber and we discussed how I wanted things done and without hesitation he began. I was actually amazed by how he artistically moved around with a mixture of shavers and scissors and at one point I thought of him as the Scissor Ninja as he quickly and with accuracy chopped away, tapping the comb every few seconds to clear away excess hair and even using the dryer like a wild west gunslinger to clear waste falling around my neck and shoulders.
Alex then asked if I wanted my brows sorting and I agreed. He shaved some of the excess but then, with what can only be described as floss he did some chopping and straightening of the brows. Was a little painful at first but worth the little pinches to get them tidied up.
Next came the shave and I had no idea what to expect. Moisturiser was applied all around my lower face and neck. A hot towel was then wrapped around my face leaving just a small hole for my nose and the sensation almost made me want to sleep. Using an old fashioned brush, lashings of soap was applied to my face and neck and with a sharp cold blade, Alex began to remove the facial hair, taking care in the sensitive regions.
Further moisturiser and a hot towel was used and while the cream soaked into the skin, Alex massaged my shoulders, arms and even clicked my fingers. It was fabulous and I remember looking over to Alison and saying you don’t get this while your hair being done. She was indeed jealous.
He then restyled my hair using a gel, dried everything off a towel and dryer, wiped away the excess hair to ensure nothing was in my clothing. Overall the process was about 30 minutes long but felt great and refreshing.
I will definitely be using them again very soon.
Thanks to Alex and owner Fayz. We did announce who we were after paying for their services and told them we wanted to do it quietly so we could offer a fair review.
If you haven’t yet experienced any of their services, we recommend you do so.

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