Lancaster Way Bike Share Scheme

The summer is finally here and to celebrate Grovemere Property have launched their brand new Bike Share Scheme for companies on Lancaster Way Business Park, Ely in partnership with Ison Distribution.
All the companies based on Lancaster Way Business Park will be given the opportunity to join the Scheme and the idea of the Scheme is to reduce vehicle movements on Lancaster Way and to encourage a more healthy work environment.  
Nicola Tuck, Director at Grovemere explains “Employees on the Business Park will be able to borrow a bike to travel to work, travel to meetings or go out on their lunch break just to get a bit of exercise.”
Ison Distribution located on Lancaster Way have supplied Grovemere with 5 Cambridge Light Blue Bikes and Lloyd Townsend the MD worked closely with Nicola to help choose the most suitable bikes.  Lloyd explains “Our 4th generation family owned business has been serving cyclists in Cambridge since 1895. My great grandfather started by making and selling his own brand of The Light Blue bicycles up until the 1920s. The company evolved within the bicycle industry over the generations to a point 10 years ago where we were able to reintroduce the brand to meet the demand for a simple to use, lightweight, quality City type bike.  
Townsends Light Blue Cycle Centre on Chesterton Road remains as our retail unit in Cambridge, however, 9 years ago we decided to move our main distribution HQ to Lancaster Way Business Park.  We have remained immensely pleased with the friendly and helpful attitude of Grovemere and we’ve experienced Grovemere investing in such benefits as High-Speed broadband, 24-hour security, as well as keeping the whole estate looking tip-top for all of the occupants.  When Nicola mentioned to us that they wanted to add a Bike Share scheme as another benefit for all of their occupants – we were of course very happy to become involved. We felt that our Light Blue Parkside 3-speed model with a natural wicker basket for easy cargo carrying capacity and a low-step through frame would be just as ideal around the Ely City area as it’s proven to be in its natural home of Cambridge.   As a local business, we are pleased to be able to offer long term support to yet another one of Grovemere’s pioneering ideas for building a better environment for business in the area.”

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