Last Chance to See Chris Koster’s Mathematical Art in Ely

This weekend is the last chance to see the extraordinary mathematical art of Chris Koster in Ely’s Babylon Gallery.

The gallery’s Summer Selected Exhibition is featuring three works from Koster’s Cambridge exhibition Infinite Realm. Koster’s paintings have been variously described as baffling, unique, beautiful and thoroughly arresting, and hailed in the press as a new art form. They are created purely by mathematics without any of the traditional manual techniques of painting. The current series emerges from a single mathematical formula the defines a high-dimensional space of potentialities, a meta image. Koster then explores this to extract each of the abstract compositions of remarkable forms, structures and colours that make up the series – thirty one so far. 

Koster comes from a family of traditional media artists that includes renowned wildlife printmaker and Royal Academy exhibitor David Koster, but chose to study mathematics and science at the University of Cambridge. Subsequently his love of art brought him to research the artistic potential of mathematics, and after a decade of search and refinement of the mathematical techniques, in early 2019 he made the breakthrough that opened the door to this latest work. To physically realise the images as large-format wall art, Koster takes advantage of an equally remarkable new printing method, the formula for which was released only last year. This operates using high temperature and pressure to infuse dye on to a mirror-like polymer coating on a thin aluminium sheet. The results are striking high-tech images having a spectacular luminous intensity and vibrancy.

The exhibition is open from midday to 16h each day this weekend including bank holiday Monday at the Babylon Gallery, Waterside, Ely CB7 4AU. Entrance is free.

Press release from Chris Koster

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