Little Downham Youth Theatre “Youth Acts UP” Presents The Dracula Rock Show

Little Downham Youth Theatre “Youth Acts UP” Presents :- The Dracula Rock Show
The Dracula Rock Show, with a cast of all children from 7yrs – 16 yrs, directed by Becky Green, you will be sure to dig the show.
The Zombies and Vampires are unhappy with their life underground, and summon Count Dracula, their master. He promises them fun among the humans, disguised as the audience at Rock Concerts, where their bizarre appearance will go un-noticed. To achieve this, he creates his own Rock Group.
Meanwhile Inspector Shirley Holmes of the Dewberry CID and her pathologist, Dr. Watson, are battling against the master criminal Professor Moriarty and his gang – as well as trying to solve the mystery of an outbreak of anaemia among young women.
These strands are woven together in a hilarious plot, full of splendid eccentric characters, sparked by a dynamic Rock score, which takes in 60’s rock, a touch of 70’s disco! A rock ‘n’ roll Dracula, Shirley Holmes doing a Dolly Parton, and a Mick Jagger-like rock star are just some of the surprises in this comedy musical.
Don’t coffin the audience or you might miss something.
If you would like to join Youth Acts UP we are always looking for new blood, contact Carol email

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