Local Author, Maggie Jeffrey, writes book to raise money the Rosie

The Colour Fairies Christmas Book ‘The Colours of Christmas’

By Maggie Jeffrey
I have been writing the Colour Fairies series for two years now and they are all finished – all 30 of them. I had a wonderful illustrator from South Africa, Angela Warren, but unfortunately in May this year her health became a lot worse and she became unable to work.
I have now managed to find two good illustrators who, I hope, will stay with me until I finish the series. It has not been the best of years for me because as well as losing my illustrator, I had to undergo brain surgery in June to improve the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. I knew it was going to happen and dreaded it for months but now it is over and things are looking up I feel I would like to ‘give something back’.
Book 8 of the Colour Fairies tells the story of how Christmas started and why Santa does his rounds as told by Father Christmas himself to Scarlett, the newest fairy, when he comes to be measured by her for his new suit. All the fairy books continue from one book to the next but each contains a complete story.AT the back there are colouring pages and activities. They usually have information in the story about how to mix colours and where the fairies get their ingredients.

I have decided that once this book is published which should be within the next month that I will donate £1 for every copy sold to the Rosie Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit who saved my grandson’s life when he was born nearly 11 years ago. The book will be available from Amazon for approx. £7.50 but I will also have some copies available myself. I usually produce a Kindle version and an Audiobook which is beautifully read by Leanne Yau.
My illustrators are Janene Pike, who is a talented local artist, who works in mixed media and digital and Joey Wood, an artist from the North East who does a more traditional form of image.

I moved to Ely 6 years ago, with my husband when we retired to be nearer to our family.

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