Local Company Sid Bibby saves the day and a lot of money for Grief Encounter

Last Saturday saw the Cathedral host the very busy and successful Grief Encounter Ball in which over £10,000 was raised.
The event had many suppliers involved and sadly due to the wet weather, the grass around the side entrance was churned up. The Cathedral had not hosted events in the Lady Chapel to this size before so early in the season and thought matting would not be needed.
The money to pay for the damage, an undisclosed amount, would have had to have been paid by the charity or suppliers.
However local businessman, Sid Bibby of Sid Bibby Turf and Landscaping near Sutton didn’t want the charity to lose out or the numerous suppliers (most of which supplied time and goods for free) to cough up the expense.
On Monday morning, Sid and his army turned up, laid new turf and restored the grass back to its original state at only his own expense.
Sid wasn’t a supplier but someone who attended the ball along with his wife Sally who runs Rose Barn Venues and who did supply some of the table decoration.


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