Locked in a room – Can you Escape?

Being locked in a strange room with your friends, filled with unusual items and locked boxes looking for a way out might seem a strange way to spend time together but interest in this activity is on the rise.

Steve Blake runs these kinds of activities across East Anglia and explains what an escape room is.

“It’s an immersive real life experience where a group of family, friends, workmates hunt for clues in an unfamiliar setting trying to work out how to decode hidden messages, open locked boxes, ultimately to escape from the room within sixty minutes. Players witness a roller coaster of emotions; anticipation, frustration, the reward of opening a box and the euphoria of succeeding in time.”

Steve operates an escape room here in our City.

“I began talks with Oliver Cromwell House back in the summer of 2016. The first puzzle launched in September that year. The building is a real gem and the game takes place in the historic 17th century oak panelled tithe room which definitely has the “wow factor”.

“The current puzzle is Locked in at the Cromwell Arms reflecting the period during the mid 1800s when the House was actually a public house. The aim of the mission is to thwart an attempt on the life of her majesty Queen Victoria by an anarchist group calling itself the Lord Protectors League. 

“We will be launching a new puzzle in the autumn – I can’t say much, but it centres on the curious disappearance of an Edwardian antiquarian who reportedly dabbled with the occult.”

If you are looking for a fun team challenge the experience is definitely an unforgettable way to celebrate a birthday, end of term party or special occasion. 

A session of up to 8 players costs £90 and advance booking is needed at www.olivercromwellshouse.co.uk

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