Lodestar has cancelled for this year

The future of Lodestar is now under threat for future years as they cancel this year due to low ticket sales.
In a Facebook post tonight, Doug from Lodestar said,

Dear all,

I am deeply saddened to tell you that I have had to cancel LodeStar. Ticket sales were far too low to run the festival to the standard I wish for. Over the past 7 years I have always offered far more at LodeStar than ticket sales covered to build the event and hope each year people would return. And always offered the best music before most knew of the artist. Despite efforts to get local company support there was none forth coming.

I have worked, lived and breathed LodeStar for 11 years working 90 plus hours a week and at great hardship for all my family and friends. My late Grandfather use to say about farming a wet piece of land, “it would break a young man’s pocket and an old man’s heart”. With LodeStar I have had both. I am just a small farmer who as a young man was passionate about music who had a calling, a dream, to bring people together with music. To be true and simple in my message with no false marketing and keep integrity in its purpose and a safe event for all. Something so intangible is hard to convey in getting people to buy tickets. it was only those who decided to come along and experience it who knew what it was like. I believed in people and stepped way out of my comfort zone willing to risk all for our community. I cleared my fields but as you now know not enough people came.

Regarding refunds please bear with me as I go through the cancellation process.

Thank you to all who came and enjoyed LodeStar in the past and understood its ethos and aims of this festival and the special atmosphere it held, it was you and all those who helped me who made it so. It was a truly family friendly event. Its purpose was also to be a significant event to support up and coming artists, families having under 15yr olds free and lots of activities, many of which had a charity fund-raising purpose.

It was always important for me (more so than ever these days) to bring people of all backgrounds together in a wonderful environment void of everyday troubles, placed with the emotive power of music. I did my best to support health related charities, individuals and your community in every way I could. It’s not only a sad day personally but a sad day for the loss of such a unique independent event that was born for all the right reasons.

Devastated is an understatement. Doug.

The future of the event which has now enjoyed 7 years of live music and festival atmosphere will be offering full refunds and asked that those who have bought tickets allow for some time to sort out.
This is said news for music lovers and bands who enjoy the limelight over three stages and usually hosted by Ely’s own Sue Marchant from the BBC.

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