Lucy Frazer MP talks to Spotted in Ely

Lucy Frazer MP talks to Spotted in Ely

Lucy Frazer MP meets Evelyn Forde
Lucy Frazer meet with new Head of Ely College, Evelyn Forde last Friday

Lucy Frazer MP agreed to accept questions and comments from the Spotted in Ely followers and true to her word has returned them to us along with a statement. Thank you to those who submitted questions and we will over the term of her office be in contact with her on a regular basis.
I am delighted to be your MP and to have the opportunity to work for South East Cambridgeshire. A number of specific issues have been raised in these questions and I am happy to discuss them in more detail if people would like to contact me to do so, or to answer any other questions. Please feel free to contact me on


Liz asks: Is there a correlation between; Cambridgeshire being one of the lowest funded authorities for schools funding per pupil, and, 50% of secondary schools in Cambridgeshire being rated as ‘requires improvement’ or worse? And what plans are there to address this?
Response: Trying to get better funding for our local schools is one of my top priorities as I appreciate how lack of funding can affect the performance of schools. Funding for Cambridgeshire schools needs to be improved, and I am pushing for a change to our funding formula nationally to ensure we get the best possible deal. I have already raised this twice with the Secretary of State. It is great that extra funding has been allocated for 2015-16 but we need a longer term solution. However, funding is not the only issue. Some schools in the region are categorised as outstanding with the same funding.
I want to support all schools and I am conscious of the latest Ofsted report for Ely College. The new principal Evelyn Forde has kindly invited me to visit Ely College on Friday and I look forward to working with all concerned to ensure the best possible education for all children in Ely.


Simon: Sort the A10 out. It needs to be duel. No arguments
Response: I am already in discussions with key partners such as the Local Enterprise Partnership about upgrading the A10.
The Ely Bypass also needs to happen as soon as possible. This project has recently been ‘retained’ by the Department for Transport, taking some control from the local region. I am currently pressing for assurances from the relevant Minister that this will not result in any significant delays.
I have also met with other local MPs and councillors to discuss how we can jointly help with issues such as infrastructure and transport funding.

Hospitals & Health

Kim asks: What can be done about the unacceptable standard of healthcare in Soham and District? There is no accessible Community Mental Health Care, and I have had to fight for an appointment at an Outpatients Clinic at the Princess of Wales Hospital in Ely in July, for a chronic condition that I have been suffering with since April.
Before the election we undertook a survey of over 50,000 residents, and the NHS and care and support for the elderly were key priorities locally and so I have been working alongside health authorities in the constituency to ensure good quality care. I have already spoken with Maureen Donnelly, chair of the local Clinical Commissioning Group, and Matthew Winn, who is Chief Executive of Cambridgeshire Community Services, which provides services at the Princess of Wales, to talk about our local NHS services.
If you do have any particular issues please do get in touch.


Wayne asks: As she resides in London, can she reassure the constituents of Cambs that she will act on their best interests and be visible and approachable to best represent the county?
Nicola asks: How “visible” will LF be in this area. Will she hold surgerys etc. for her constituents?
Response: I am hugely honoured and privileged to be in a positon to represent you and I will always do what I believe to be in our local interest. I believe it is important for any MP to understand the local area, which is why I am and will continue to share my time between Westminster and the constituency. We have a home in London and in Snailwell.
I spend as much time as possible speaking with local residents, schools and businesses. I do hold surgeries for people to come and discuss their concerns with me and am happy to hold visits and meetings across the constituency. If you want to get in touch please email me and I would be very happy to meet up.
Cressi asks: How will you be voting in the EU referendum?
Response: I would like to be part of a reformed European Union.

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