Lucy Frazer QC MP calls further meeting with Ely College on Friday

Lucy Frazer MP meets Evelyn Forde
Lucy Frazer meet with Head of Ely College, Evelyn Forde

Lucy Frazer QC MP, Member of Parliament for South East Cambridgeshire, has called a further meeting for parents and carers of pupils at Ely College to give them an opportunity to meet the new sponsors, Cambridge Meridian Academies Trust (CMAT) on Friday 20th May. The meeting follows on from a meeting on 4th December 2015, when Lucy brought together parents of Ely College and the current sponsors, CfBT Schools Trust.
Lucy has brought together those involved in the management of Ely College, and will act as chair. The meeting will be attended by Evelyn Forde, Ely College’s Principal; Tricia Pritchard, Chair of Governors; Chris Tweedale, Chief Executive of CfBT Schools Trust; Mark Woods, Chief Executive of CMAT; and Dr Tim Coulson, Regional Schools Commissioner for East of England and North-East London.
Lucy says: “This meeting will be a great opportunity for parents and carers of pupils at Ely College to meet the new sponsors. Although the school has been through a difficult time, being placed into the special measures category by Ofsted last spring, CMAT have a good record of improving schools in similar positions. It is time for us to look ahead to ensure that Ely College makes use of its full potential.”

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