Make Sure You Can Continue To Vote

Canvassers will be knocking at the door of residents in East Cambridgeshire to check the right people are registered to vote.

Throughout October, East Cambridgeshire District Council’s canvassing team, will be visiting the homes of those yet to return forms which verify whether their voter registration records are accurate.

Every year, forms including Household Enquiry Forms (HEFs) and Individual Registration Forms (ITRs) are sent to more than 39,000 households across the district.

The form ensures the council can keep the electoral register updated and identify any people who are not registered so they can vote in future elections and referendums.

Each canvasser will have identification on them, but anyone with concerns about the caller should ring the council to check the canvasser’s credentials. Canvassers will have a copy of the paperwork which can then be completed on the doorstep.

Joan Cox, Electoral Services Team Leader at East Cambridgeshire District Council, said: “It’s important that our residents complete the forms as soon as possible to ensure we have the correct details on the electoral register for every address in the East Cambridgeshire District Council area.

“Make sure you take a few minutes to fill in and return the form to ensure your voice can be heard at the next round of local and national elections.”

There are several ways residents can respond including online, by post, freephone or text and further information is printed on the form.

In particular, people who have recently moved to a new house are encouraged to keep an eye out for the form and check the details.

For more information about the registration forms, contact East Cambridgeshire District Council on 01353 665555.

Press release from East Cambridgeshire District Council

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