Meet the Cromwells – not the real ones obviously!!

On Sunday 28th May, Oliver Cromwell’s House will be coming back to life like never before.

Visitors to the house will be given a snapshot into the life of one of England’s most iconic and divisive men, and will even have the chance to ask questions of its occupants as they go about their daily tasks.

Throughout this well preserved 17th century home, you will encounter a wide variety of wonderfully interesting characters. These include a veteran soldier, returning from battle in England’s first Civil War and a military surgeon who will demonstrate his preferred techniques for dealing with gruesome injuries and diseases. In addition, guests can see the kitchen with the hustle and bustle of a day’s cooking, the book binder at work in the study, the spinster at the wheel and then of course… the man himself, Oliver Cromwell.

Tracey Harding, Tourism and Town Centres Manager for East Cambridgeshire District Council has said “We are thrilled that Oliver Cromwell’s House is running this fantastic opportunity for people to get a real insight in to what everyday life would have been like in the 17th century. It also highlights one of Ely’s hidden treasures and hope that people enjoy this slice of history in the town centre.”

Located on St Mary’s Street, Ely, the former Lord Proctor’s home is open daily to visitors. But this unique opportunity to see the house running as it once would have done, is for one day only.

For more information please visit:

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