Midsummer Ball 2015 in Soham

Midsummer Ball Soham 2015Our school swimming pool was condemned in 2010. As parents, we are very aware that all children should have the opportunity to learn to swim, not only to keep them safe but also to enhance a healthy lifestyle. With that in mind we formed a committee with the aim of raising funds to build a new pool and give all Soham school children regular access to a swimming pool within their community.
To date, we have raised more than £180,000 and building work is near completion. We still need to continue our efforts to fund the remainder of the project and the on- going running costs of maintaining the pool. Our main fund raising event is a Summer Ball which will next be held on 20 June 2015 at the Shade Primary School, Soham. The evening is a great night out with a fabulous dinner, live music from Ed Cusick as well as a disco and a very popular auction of promises hosted by the TV auctioneer David Palmer.
Tickets are £30.00 each and are still available by contacting St Andrew’s School reception on 720345 or Mel Mason directly at mmason986@btinternet.com.
Why not join us for a great night out and support the children of Soham to swim!
For more event information see: https://spottedinely.com/event/summer-ball-2015/

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