Mystery Curry Man says “Every Little Helps”

Mystery Curry Man says “Every Little Helps”

It was the time that Ely thanked the hard work of the supermarkets over a testing few weeks for its workers and Zahid from Sylhet Restaurant stepped up to do so.

A regular to Tesco, buying for Foodbank, the Market Street restaurant owner arranged to feed 45 of its staff one evening as some finished their shift, while others were about to start.

On returning to collect his utensils, Zahid found a lovely note that read, “Thank you so very much for your delicious Curry. It was much appreciated. Regards Tesco Ely Night Team”, placed in an envelope marked “To the mystery curry man”

Staff at Ely supermarkets have been the targets of several unnecessary pockets of abuse including one who tells me she had sandwiches thrown at her but the panic buying seems to be over and things almost returning to normal.

Sylhet restaurant is remaining open for deliveries, for as long as they can, and even offering at 10% discount on all orders online. During busy times they are assisted by Ely Business Travel for their deliveries.

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