Netflix, the latest company to film at Ely's Cathedral

Unloading at the Cathedral ahead of filming Netflix's The Crown
Unloading at the Cathedral ahead of filming Netflix’s The Crown

Netflix have become the latest production company to commission filming at Ely Cathedral.
Working alongside Left Bank Pictures and Sony Pictures TV, the filming will become a series called “The Crown” which is due to be aired in 10 parts in 2016.
It is not known who will be filming in Ely but the cast line up include Matt Smith (“Doctor Who”), John Lithgow (“Third Rock from the Sun”) and Claire Foy (“Wolf Hall”).
The drama based in the 1950’s will see Foy play Queen Elizabeth II and Smith as her husband, Philip Mountbatten. Lithgow is Winston Churchill.
Not much is known of the plot but The Crown tells the inside story of 2 of Britains most famous addresses, Buckingham Palace and 10 Downing Street. It is thought it will portray the love lives, plots and going-ons behind the scenes that shaped the second half of the 20th century.
Bollards Removed ahead of filming Netflix, The Crown
Bollards Removed ahead of filming Netflix, The Crown

The story is based on the play “The Audience” by Peter Morgan and he has rewritten the play for this screen production with Andrew Eaton as producer.
To make the whole area around the Cathedral authentic to the 50’s, bollards have been lifted from the Gallery and it is thought a Stop/Go system for traffic will be in effect at certain times of this week.

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